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The Interpreter: Silvia Broome Picspam

The Interpreter is one of my favorite Sydney Pollack movies besides Three Days of the Condor. It's one of the few movies that I've seen more than once in the cinema. And everybody needs to watch it at least twice. Once for the story and another time for the details because it's amazing. This is probably the last picspam for this months picspammy challenge unless I get bored too much by exam preparation.

AMERICAN AMBASSADOR: Let's be clear, Mr. Ambassador. The United States may not recognize the I.C.C. as a legitimate court, but we certainly do not condone the methods President Zuwanie uses against his own people.
SILVIA: [translating from Ku] Dr. Zuwanie is an educator. He is... our teacher. But his opponents engage in evermore ferocious acts. The partisans of both Kuman-Kuman and Ajene Xola have become... terrorists.
AMERICAN AMBASSADOR: The French proposal is a diplomatic headache for both of us.

SILVIA: Do you think I'm making it up? Why would I report a threat I didn't hear?
KELLER: People do.
SILVIA: I don't.
KELLER: Some people like attention.
SILVIA: I don't!
KELLER: Maybe you don't want Zuwanie at the U.N.
SILVIA: I didn't make it up.
KELLER: How do you feel about him?
SILVIA: I don't care for him.
KELLER: Wouldn't mind if he were dead?
SILVIA: I wouldn't mind if he were gone.
KELLER: Same thing.
SILVIA: No, it isn't. If I interpreted gone as dead I'd be out of a job, if dead and gone were the same thing there'd be no UN.
KELLER: Your profession is playing with words Ms. Broome.
SILVIA: I don't play with words.
KELLER: You're doing it right now.
SILVIA: No, you are. If I wanted him dead, I wouldn't have reported it. I would sit back and let it happen. That's not what I want, that's not why I'm here.

SILVIA: Any leads?
KELLER: Maybe one. Come on down to Mexico.
[hands her a picture of a rally, her face can be seen among the crowd]
KELLER: Is that you? Can you tell me what somebody like you, who uses the word "diplomacy", like she's chastising me, is doing at a rebel rally?
SILVIA: A peace rally.
KELLER: I don't want to do this again!
SILVIA: That's exactly what it is. What I am doing is listening.
KELLER: After that, after you listen.
SILVIA: You're asking the wrong question.
KELLER: I'm asking you the question you don't want to answer.
SILVIA: Why would somebody take a picture and type the names of everyone in it on the back. This is a death list. The question you should be asking is "who gave me this?" and "why?"

KELLER: Who was that in the park?
SILVIA: It's personal.
KELLER: No, no, no, no, no. We're past that. What's his name?
SILVIA: It's not your business.
KELLER: Is he the one you e-mailed the night before you decided to report the threat? "Where are you? I'm worried about you. Write me"...”Please. I need to know you're Okay?". Worried why? Because he's involved? Is that him, here, now, in my country, making threats? That is my business.
SILVIA: You're wrong. It's got nothing to do with you.

SILVIA: What do you do when you can't sleep?
KELLER: I stay awake

KELLER: What were you doing on that bus?
SILVIA: Thank you for bringing me home.
KELLER: Hey. Hey! I lost a man today. A kid. How do you know Kuman?
SILVIA: I don't. I never met him before.
KELLER: You're lying to me again.
SILVIA: I'm not lying. I went to him for help.
KELLER: With what?
SILVIA: I can't tell you. Someone might get hurt.
KELLER: "Someone might get hurt". There's a bus full of dead people! "Someone might get hurt?". Who? Someone you know? Someone who's mixed up in all this?

KELLER: What are you not telling me?
SILVIA: What are you accusing me of?
KELLER: How do you feel about Zuwanie, never mind "I don't care for him"?
SILVIA: I feel disappointment.
KELLER: That's a lover's word. What about rage? Of all the people that I've looked into since this thing started, the one with the darkest Zuwanie history is you. It was his landmines that killed your...

SIMON: Don't cry. Don't cry.
SYLVIA: I'm not crying.
SIMON: You don't have to cry.
SYLVIA: I'm not.
SIMON: Because I'm here and I won't leave. I promise. I'll take care of you.

SYLVIA: I grew up seeing you with this gun. It's the gun you saved out counrty with. It's the same one you used to kill it. Look at it. [hands him the book] LOOK AT IT! How could someone who was so good, who gave us so much, so much take away more?

SYLVIA: They said you told them I wasn't a danger to the community.
KELLER: I lied.
SYLVIA: Thank you. They didn't believe you. They're sending me back. I wanted to say goodbye. It's okay. I'm going home. I never had time to tell you how much I miss Africa.
KELLER: We never had time for a lot of things.
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